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SOFTWARE by Rich Levin
Native apps support all 32- and 64-bit versions of Windows unless otherwise noted.
Web apps support IE, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Safari, and standards-compliant browsers.

Final release of the classic line-numbering system for QuickBasic, Microsoft Basic PDS, Turbo BASIC, and PowerBASIC developers

Final release of the classic DOS BBS

Final release of the classic DOS antivirus (with free registration included)

Simple app to insert any custom text at the cursor's current position when you click Shift+Ctrl and the right mouse button

Computer Virus Handbook source code
Source code to the apps included in the Computer Virus Handbook

Automatically cleans dirty or rich text, converts it to plain text, then pastes it on your clipboard when you press a hot-key

Rapidly hibernate your computer with one click of a system tray icon

Hibernater DT
Desktop version of Hibernater

Postmaster BBS
Final release of the classic Postmaster BBS for DOS

SigSwap and optional SigSwap Signature database update
Automatically changes your e-mail signature every few seconds, minutes, or hours

Sorts and eliminates duplicates in text file lists

Space Ace IV
The original automatic hard disk cleaning system (Space Ace III and the final Space Ace III update are still available)

A search extension for people who use Google Chrome and Google Labs' Superstars in Gmail.

T-Man and T-Man Update
Automatically empties the Recycle Bin according to your preferences

Automatically anchors windows on the screen when you press a hotkey

Automatically centers windows on the screen when you press a hotkey

Powers up your PrintScreen key

Pops up the Taskbar on demand, without opening the Start Menu

Final release of the original Registry system backup and recovery utility
Note: For Windows 9x and Me only

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